I am passionate about teaching; it is my favourite part of academic life. My students appreciate my methods, and I am consistently commended for the passion I bring to my teaching, and for my commitment to my students. In recognition of my commitment to effective teaching and best-practice pedagogies, I am an elected Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Recent feedback from my students includes:

"Aidan is by far my most engaging tutor."
"Aidan is the best tutor out of all of my tutors—very engaging, communicative, relaxed style."
"Thank you for making history fun!"
"Had a blast! You're a great teacher—keep the sass!"
"Aidan made the tutorials lively and interesting."
"Super cool, funny, interesting tutor. Best so far."

Modules/Papers Taught:

University Campus North Lincolnshire

First Year:
• Early Victorian Literature: Rebellion and Reform
• Introduction to Poetry
• Late Victorian to Edwardian Literature: Decadence, Degeneration, and the Long Edwardian Summer
• Representing the Past
• The Social History of Medicine
• Texts in Time: Medieval to Romantic

Second Year:
• Children’s Literature
• Dissertations and Beyond
• Early Modern Family: Households in England, c.1500-1750
• Queenship in Britain: Gender, Politics, and Power
• Renaissance Literature

Third Year:
• Adaptation: Generic Transformation
• Eighteenth-Century Literature in Public and Private
• Mary I and Elizabeth I: Myth and Memory
• The Middle Class in Urban Britain, 1780–1900
• Republicanism in Early Modern England, 1500–1700
• Single Author Study: Terry Pratchett

University of Warwick

First Year:
• Europe in the Making, 1450–1800

Second Year:
• Crossing Boundaries and Breaking Norms in the Medieval World
• The European World, 1500–1750
• Seventeenth-Century Literature

Postgraduate Level:
• From Manuscript to Print: An Introduction to English Palaeography

University of Otago

First Year:
• Effective Writing
• From Medieval to Modern Europe
• The Global Twentieth Century

Second Year:
• Heretics, Witches, and Inquisitors

Third Year:
• Creative Non-Fiction

University of Queensland

Second Year:
• Monarchy, Revolution, and Modernity

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